5 Things You Can Do To Write a Winning Blog Post

by amcfarland81 September 26, 2017

Blog posts are a vital part of a content marketing strategy.  If you create useful and engaging content online, the chances that someone will search for and find your website, or stumble across it on social media are much higher.  But if you’re just starting out, how can you create blog posts that have a high chance of being winners.

  1. Use Keywords

One of the most important things you can do to increase the chance that your post if found through search engines is to research keywords that are being searched for, and use this research to tailor your post for these exact phrases.  Your overall keyword strategy will be determined by what you would like to be found for online, for example if you own a flower shop you’ll likely want to be found with “flower delivery,” “vases”, and “creating a bouquet of flowers.”  Searches for these items, if you appear in the rankings, will bring people to your website, hopefully to learn about your company and potentially make a purchase.

There are many keyword research tools available that can help you determine which keywords are in high demand, have low competition, and are related to your website.  Longer, more targeted keywords may not result in as much traffic, but they could have much higher conversion rates because you will likely rank higher and it will also be exactly what the user is looking for.

  1. Break Up the Text

This one is pretty self-explanatory.  It is difficult to read long blocks of text, so by breaking the text into headlines and smaller sections of text, you are making it much easier for your reader to scan that page and find the parts of the article that are the most important.

Additionally, you can use bold text, italics, underlines, or even colored text in some cases to highlight certain aspects of your article, as long as it makes it easier for your reader to understand and is not a distraction.

  1. Use Images

Along the same lines as breaking up the text, using images is a great way to make your post more exciting.  Images can also prove to be very useful in certain situations if you are trying to explain something.  Make sure your images are related and not distracting to the article.  Pay attention to their size and quality, as you need to strike a balance between image quality and file size, since it can affect page load time.

  1. Metadata is Important

This information is important for search engines.  Metadata is information that is stored in the HTML of a webpage.  Some metadata attributes that are important for a blogpost are Title, Meta Description, Image Alt Text, and Headings.  This information tells Google and other engines what the page is about, and will help determine your rankings for certain keywords.  There are some general guidelines to follow when creating Metadata for your post, but just knowing they exist is a good first step.

  1. Make it Useful

Finally, the point of a blog post is to provide some sort of value to the reader.  If the reader is not gaining anything or learning something from the post, then it is not useful and they would have no reason to waste their time and read it.  If there is good information in the article, but it is presented poorly, then it is not useful.  Google and other search engines are also becoming better at determining whether content is high quality, and are punishing websites that have subpar quality content.

Use these tip to help create high quality content that can be found on search engines to drive traffic to your website. For more content marketing strategy, check out other posts on our blog.

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