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by amcfarland81 September 22, 2017

If you are a small business with few employees and likely a small budget to match, you must get the most out of your efforts to create content since it can be very time consuming to create a lot of high-quality content. Luckily, if you are smart about it, you can create a large amount of high quality content for minimal work by reusing and creatively modifying your existing work. Below I’ll outline the process to create content efficiently and effectively.

1. Create a Large Content Asset

By far the most time creating content will likely be in creating large content assets. Usually ebooks, these assets contain the most detail and information. They may be many pages long, and are usually in a PDF format. A bulk of your time will be spent researching and writing this asset, and it is important that you create a high quality piece of work from which you can build off.

For this article, we will use the example of a personal trainer, who is marketing his services and brand on the internet by creating content for his website. For his large content asset, he will creating an ebook titled Muscle Growth. This ebook details everything a person should know to start on a plan to gain muscle. It includes information on workouts, nutrition, supplements, and other habits for long term success. This ebook will be the base of much more content to come.

2. Create Articles and Guides from Sections

Articles and Guides are two smaller content assets that can be leveraged to drive lots of traffic to a website and provide useful information for users. They can be posted on blogs and shared easily across social media. Importantly, once you have created a large asset such as an ebook, most of the research and organization of articles and guides have already been created, making it very easy to produce.

In the case of our personal trainer, he already has the research on the workouts and nutrition that is needed to fuel muscle growth. For example, he could easily create “The Definitive Guide to Nutrition for Muscle Growth” from his existing work. This doesn’t mean he should copy and paste exactly from his ebook, but you can use the information and recreate with a slightly different structure and presentation as well as more images. Additionally, he could create several articles, each one showcasing a specific exercise that should be done in the workout program for muscle growth. The possibilities are many, but using the information and topics written in the ebook will save lots of time on research and organization.

3. Cheat Sheets and Infographics

Cheat sheets and infographics are more creative versions of articles and definitive guides. They are beneficial because they show vital information in a way that is easy to understand and useful. They are also easily shared on social media and across the web.

Our personal trainer can create a cheat sheet of easy meals to eat after a workout, or an infographic showing the effects of sleep on muscle growth, using statistics previously published in his ebook. Once again, the information was already mostly researched, it is just a matter of arranging it differently.

4. Video

Finally, videos are a great way to reuse content. You can gain lots of viewers and drive lots of traffic and engagement from videos. Videos also add the visual element to your content. You can show a lot of things in video that are difficult to explain in text or images.

An example for our personal trainer would be an instructional video on how to perform a certain lift, or even a video where he talks about the benefits of taking protein supplements after a workout.
By using this method of creating a large content asset and reusing the information to create other, smaller pieces or different types of content entirely, you can maximize your efforts. Additionally, you can capitalize on the various ways that your viewers want to digest their information, whether that be articles, or videos. Learn more about creating an effective content strategy on our blog.

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