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by amcfarland81 September 16, 2017

Running an email marketing campaign can seem like a huge task for someone just getting started in in their digital marketing journey.  It can take a ton of work to set up an email marketing campaign and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you risk alienating your customers and ruining your brand reputation.  Luckily, if done correctly, email marketing can be a tremendous asset to your company in terms of branding, revenue, and customer engagement.  There are many tools and techniques that are used to ensure that your email marketing campaigns are successful, in this article we’ll touch on the very basics of email marketing and what you need to know to move forward with your campaigns.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

Email Marketing is an extremely effective way to reach many customers at the same time with relatively low effort.  Once you have an email list set up, all you have to do is create the message and hit send, delivering your offer to everyone you’d like to send it to and creating many potentials for sales or engagement.  Once you have person’s email, you can send them a targeted message whenever you’d like.  You have the freedom to choose when and how you’d like to engage with potential customers.  This allows you to extract as much value as possible from your customers by offering them chances to buy again if they have already bought, or give them exciting promotions that could lead them to convert for the first time.

The most important part of email marketing is that it allows you to segment your customers and give them targeted offers.  You can set up segments for users who are in a certain age range, existing customers, living in a certain area, really anything depending on the data you have available.  This allows you to tailor your messages very specifically to each group, maximizing the value you can extract.

Build Revenue Streams

When you have an email list, it is much easier to capitalize on different types of revenue streams that might not be possible otherwise.  For example if you have a large email list you can send out a link to a product that is related to your brand, and that company may pay you for every item you sell from that link.  Affiliate marketing is a revenue stream that is difficult to monetize without an email list.  Other types of advertisements and being able to sell products that might not be available in stores are just a few other ways that you can earn revenue other than your main products.

Offer Unique Value

Having an email marketing strategy is great for your business, but should also be great for your subscribers who choose to receive your emails.  You can encourage people to be on your email list by offering them promotions that they would not be able to receive otherwise.  Other incentives such as learning about new products right when they come out, or being alerted when things go on sale are also valid strategies. In other words, make it worth their while to subscribe, and in return you will be rewarded with sales.  Email campaigns should not be annoying or to overbearing for the customer, they should offer real value.

It is easy to mess up an email marketing campaign, but with the right mix of value and a good touch, you can earn a huge return on investment in a campaign.

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